Iomega external hard drive not recognized

the iomega_HDD(F:) use to be reconized and it was droped and now it is not reconized. the ubs connection is good i tried on another divice and it was reconized. The light on the imogea_HDD(F:) is on when plugged in but it makes a ticking sound and it is not reconized can u help me?
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  1. When it was dropped, was it on?
  2. The click sound is the head parking itself. The cause for it is the concern. Could be a power issue or possible sign of death. Try a different cable and usb connector anyways. I have a passport that doesn't receive correct power from some of my longer usb cables with extension cables. The result of using the usb extension with my passport is failure to mount and an audible clicking sound.
  3. nikorr said:
    When it was dropped, was it on?

    yes it was on when it was dropped
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