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I recently bought a nvidia gtx 580 video card and hooked it up to my old motherboard which is about 5-6 years old. I'm running an old 3 gigahertz intel core 2 duo on an asus board P5N-E SLI 1.XX. I also had to put in a new psu because the old one couldn't run the new card. Now the card seems like it might be overheating and the computer shuts down. Should I be using a new card with an old system? Or anyone know if the gtx card overheats normally?
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  1. the cards should not be overheating but you can always check temperatures. You sure your psu is powerful enough to drive the 580?

    its going to be highly unlikely to be the motherboard but I guess it could be.

    Anyways, the 580 is way too powerful for the c2d you have and would result in a bottleneck. You might want to just return the card if you can and buy something more reasonable and with less power requirements such as a radeon 6850 or gtx 460.
  2. Thanks for help. The card supposedly says the min power requirements is 600 watts. I have a 850 watt psu. I am planning on upgrading to a Intel i7 2600k soon. It seems to only happen during games. IE: if I turn the graphics on high, the card gets super hot (i'm just feeling it with my hand, and I know it's not safe) then the computer shuts down. The weird thing is my old card could run the same game with graphics on high just fine. You think this bottleneck could be an issue and I should just wait till I get my 2600k?
  3. Do you have adequate air flow in your case? Could there be dust inside?
  4. Download SpeedFan, try to reproduce the error. Go into a GFX intensive game and ALT-TAB every 1-2 mins. Check your temps. Anytime it goes over 90C Celcius, i'd guess the card is shutting down the computer.

    How many fans do you have and whats your case?
  5. The case is open (too small for the new PSU) i have 1 fan + the cpu fan that came with the cpu. Just cleaned all the dust out this summer. I will try the Speedfan app. Thanks
  6. I'd put that card aside until you get your i7 system to remove the risk of damaging it. You said your old works fine the your games so..

    With that said, it might be that the cpu is working overtime trying to keep up and geting pushed harder with the 580 than your old gpu.
  7. What 850W psu exactly?
  8. thermaltake TR2 RX-850AH3CH ATX 12v 2.3
  9. Donnylicious said:
    thermaltake TR2 RX-850AH3CH ATX 12v 2.3

    Ugh! it may very well be your psu.
    Unfortunately Thermaltake TR2 units are poor in many ways and i personally never recommend them.
    Here's a review of the TR2 750 and it's terrible!
  10. holy **** thanks for this link! **** I think it's too late to return this damned thing :(
  11. my computer is brand new with an i5 processor and its doing the same thing and guess what..i have a thermaltake tr2 750...time to get a corsair tx 650
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