My laptop hp pavillion dv2000 has flickering

when i opened my laptop model hp pavillion dv2000, it suddenly fliker the monitor. what is that caused
and please tell me how can i solved this problem.
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  1. You can check your refresh rate is not set too low.
  2. It's possible that this is normal.

    Do you have your options set to turn OFF your screen when your lid is closed?

    Is this "flickering" just your screen turning on?

    I have my laptop setup this way:

    It Hibernates, then shuts down.

    Pressing the physical power button Hibernates the laptop.

    Laptop OFF:
    Press the physical power button (usually I have it Hibernating).

    *There's a lot of setting in your "Power Options" to look at. I disable the SLEEP option so that I can use Hibernation.

    The best way to shut down any computer is to Hibernate it as it starts up quickly. However, the new "SLEEP" option combines Standby with Hibernate. In other words, it copies all data from RAM to the hard drive then shuts off.

    The problem is, your laptop can sometimes turn ON when it's in its travel bag if it's in SLEEP mode. For this reason, I don't use SLEEP. I have my Settings set so I can use either Standby or Hibernate. I basically just use Hibernate.

    (Hibernation mode, when enabled, starts faster, but your computer can NOT be started until you press the physical power button, unlike SLEEP MODE which can start your laptop when you don't want it to start. Certain settings such as Automatic Updates for things can start your computer up at a specific time each day.)

    ***I don't know if any of this helped. If your problem is more serious, be more specific and I'll try to help.
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