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Hello Friends,

Its a great community and I have gone through many many posts but couldn't find the exact answer for the following query. Please help me to decide the specifications for the following system:

I am looking to assemble a system which will be used only for STOCK TRADING with minimum of 4 monitors at present. I am looking for best configuration required to view 2D data and budget is not a issue.

Expectations : Reliability and stability is most imp part and to run 4 monitors with best display.

No Games at all, No porn, No downloading etc just Trading full time.

Open for AMD as well as Intel processor, Preferred Motherboard is ASUS.

While going through the forums I got following things

1. I can opt for Matrox for connecting multiple monitors instead of VGA cards.

2. Asus P8P67 or Sabertooth are best motherboards. Are they useful for Trading System also or they are made for high end gaming? (I don't want to pay for features which I wont use)

3. AMD Phenom II X6 1090T ( or latest one) or Intel i7, which one is best for 2D data ?

4. If I go for Asus P8P67 motherboard, do I need to go for Graphics card separately ?

5. Is Nvidia NVS series a good card for 2D data and is it compatible with Asus P8P67 MOBO?

6. Please suggest best case with minimum noise. Is there any case without FAN? Sorry for my limited knowledge.

7. Best Power Supply.

8. RAM Corsair of 16 GB 1600 MHZ is good or anything else I need to check while buying it.

Thanks for reading. Please suggest. I can wait for one month maximum.
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  1. Please help with suggestions. I am waiting for replies.

    Thanks in advance
  2. (note: I work IT at a trading firm)

    No offense, but you are completely on the wrong path.

    For a system where stability is the most important, you really want workstation parts, if just for ECC memory. The extra couple hundred dollars upfront is nothing compared to what you can lose due to a flipped bit.

    Secondly, trading systems generally fall under two categories. If you are going to have full L2 data updating close to real time, you need a monster of a machine. Dual high end quad or hex core CPUs with at least 16GB of memory.

    If you're mainly going to be trading off of charts and are using a "retail" trading platform, then just about any modern CPU will do. Memory constraints will probably still be high though, apps like CQG and E-Signal can use a shocking amount.

    Fourth, video card. The NVS 450 is a real workhorse, and it's dirt cheap. There is pretty much no reason to go with anything else, 4x or 8x screens should be good enough for a long time. You want 24" monitors.

    I would also strongly suggest that instead of building your own, buy a Z600 with the CPU spec you need, and upgrade the video card and memory yourself. You'll definitely be paying a premium ($3,029 for a 2xE5645 system, about double what you could buy 2x E5645's on newegg for + a good motherboard -- the premium on the high end Xeon X-series CPUs is even worse), but if money truly isn't an option it is the route I would go.
  3. Thank you for replying.

    I know I was not going in the right direction. Thats why I wanted help from experienced persons.

    I want stability but do I really need to go for workstations? Actually I want to pay only for my usage not for advanced features which I wont be able to use.

    I want to use Real Time Tick Data through E Signal. Live E Signal and Metastock will be my primary softwares.

    I am looking for 20 inch monitors. Can go for 24 also. Need to check.

    Please suggest the way for connecting those monitors to CPU. Is Matrox best or I need to use PCI card?

    I want to explore the other options also besides Z600. I have already mailed to HP for the configuration of Z600. waiting for their reply.

    May I mail you? Your email is disabled in profile. Kindly give me your email id. (Hope I am not breaking any rule of forum by asking for email id.)

    Thanks once again for taking time to reply.
  4. I have finalized the below mentioned configuration. Please suggest if I am missing something:

    Processor : i7 2600K
    Motherboard : Asus P8P67 Pro
    Nvidia NVS 295/300/450
    RAM : CORSAIR 1600 12800C7
    2 * HDD Seagate or Western Digital 7200 rpm, Raid 1
    CASE : Antec P193 / Antec P183
    PSU : ANTEC TPQ850
    CPU COOLER : Tranquillo / Titan Fenrir
    No SSD : Pls suggest

    Monitor : Dell Ultrasharp U2312HM with LED

    Views are welcome.
  5. I am in the process of finalizing the above system. Kindly give your all valuable opinions.

    I have one more dilemma. I am not going to overclock it unless it will give me sufficient speed and above all does not overheat or unstable my system. If I choose not to do OC then which motherboard will be best with 2600 processor ? Suggest only Asus MB pls.

    Waiting for your replies.
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  7. 2600k is overkill for what you want. Same with the 16GBs of ram. A 2400 with 4 or 8GBs of ram will be fine. Workstation parts? ECC memory won't be needed nor will workstation GPUs. If you want 4 monitors run two AMD video cards. They support 3 monitors each (or more if you daisy chain DP.) so you'll be able to run the 4 just fine and support 6 if you want/need. Two of these should work.

    This has enough power.

    SSD? Not sure you really need one. An F3 should do you fine.
  8. Thank you for reply.

    Please suggest some good Asus motherboard also with 2400. I will like to go with 2600, without k, so please suggest some compatible motherboard also with 2600.
  9. From what I know of the programs your running, you don't need an 8 thread CPU. Even four is probably more then you need.

    I don't know Intel boards as well as I should. Can't help you there.
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