I think ive cracked it!!!

motherboard - asrock extreme3 gen 3
cpu - intel i5 2500k 3.3ghz
ram - ripjaw 8gb 1600
ssd - crucial 120gb
hdd - samsung spinpoint 1tb
gpu - gtx 570hd superclocked
psu - corsair 850w
cpu cooler - artic cooloing freezer7 pro rev.2 92mm
case - nzxt vulcan
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  1. I would suggest a good 650-750W power supply unless you plan on going sli with your graphics card. And what about the optical drive?
  2. The arctic freezer 7 isn't that great. The hyper 212 cools better, for a lower price.
  3. Very true. Your PS is a bit overkill unless you decide on a CPU that needs 130w (i7 hexa-core), add a RAID HDD set and go SLI/Crossfire on your cards. And OWC (and other companies) make a 120GB SSD that is at least 20% faster than the Crucial SSD.
  4. Hi and thanks for the quick replys. I am thinking about going sli or crossfire in the future that's why the big gpu. I will look at the hyper 212. The optical I've not decided on yet as I wanto a blueray too. What's a raid hdd?
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