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I have a working debian web server with a 1gigabit network connection.

It is serving this speed fine to any linux box, i.e. a web browser in a linux enviornment downloads at 1000Mbits/sec, but when I try this from any windows box it maxes out at 10.4MBytes per sec i.e. approx 100Mbits/sec.

I have tested 2 identical windows xp boxes via cross-over and they transfer at 1gigabit with no issues(although I did not test via a web browser, just file sharing).

I removed both the debian server and windows box from the network and used a crossover cable between them, but still stuck at 100Mbits/s. I am using the latest network drivers avaialble for the windows xp box.

But here is the reason why I think it might be web browser related:

I subsequently installed a samba server to the debian webserver. Then, from the windows box, I mounted a folder using "map network drive" and xp transfers from this mapped folder to its desktop at 1gigabit.

Any thoughts?

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  1. The XP boxes are connecting into a switch or so that has gigabit access to the debian server?

    Set the NICs on the WinXP computers to 1000/full (Device Manager) and check it out again.
  2. There may be something with the auto negotiation of the network cards between the 2 systems. See riser's suggestion to set the NICs manually.
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