Intel + nVidia Budget PC

Hi there, (again!)

I have put together anther proposed spec for my budget gaming pc build. The budget is £400 - £430. Does it look OK?

Intel Core i5-2400 - £142.86 - Aria
Seagate 500GB 3.5" ST500DM002 - £30.90 - Aria
EVGA nVidia GTX 550Ti - £94.99 - Dabs
G-Skill 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Ripjaws - £20 - Ebuyer
LiteOn IHAS124 - £13.98 - Ebuyer
Coolermaster Elite 430 Case - £34.50 - Micro Direct
Corsair CX-500W - £44.60 - Ebuyer
ASRock S1155 Intel H61 - £39.99 - Dabs



P.S. what is the correct way to write nVidia or NVIDIA or Nvidia?
P.P.S why do all my posts in this section on this topic keep ending up deleted?

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  1. Because it should be in the Homebuilt section.
  2. looks great.
  3. yummerzzz said:
    Because it should be in the Homebuilt section.

    Thanks! I thought people just didn't like me!

    Thomas :)
  4. try and buy from the same place, you'll have slightly less issues with returns, and often scan and the others have slightly cheaper bundles you can take advantage of.

    Do you have any parts you can reuse?

    Aria are currently listing the i5-2400 at 149.99, scan is at 148.98, both on pre-order.

    Scan currently have the 2500K for 153.59 (today only offer Expires monday 14:00ish) for the extra it is worth it, if only so that in a while you can upgrade the mobo to one that can overclock.

    I know you are on a budget but you are so close to getting something a lot better, can you wait for a month and save up another £50? cut some grass (the legal kind).

    Also for a real budget build AMD are cheaper. Look at the $500 SMb build posted on friday.
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  6. Go for i3-2100 and GTX560Ti. That will be better in gaming since you said "gaming". i3-2100 is enough.
  7. the research i've done for my current pc build has lead me to believe the 550ti is an over-estimated card. go with 560, or top of the list on 400 series

    i just picked up a gtx460 that benchmarked better than 550ti for half the price
  8. I agree with what people have already said above. Go with the 560 Ti and the i3 if you can't get the i5. You will get more performance that way, with gaming in mind.
    What resolution do you game in?
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