ASUS m2n-sli deluxe with ddr3 memory?

So here is my board -

sure most at least have heard of this great board.

So as the title suggests i'm wondering if anyone knows if DDR3 memory will work in the board, obviously at a reduced speed. I know its not "supported", as the memory list clearly indicates that.

I've been on a very slow upgrade path with this motherboard as it has served me years longer than i could have dreamed of. I'm at a point where I need more memory but i don't want to buy any more DDR2.

Heres the specs now

Asus m2n-sli deluxe(bios 5001)
Athlon ii x3 450(plenty fast for me right now)
60gb OCZ SSD sata 2(Replacement for dead hhd)
3gb DDR2 800
Nvidia geforce 8400gs(old GPU died and this was cheapest temp replacement, still plays CS:S)

The obvious next upgrades for me are GPU and memory, which is where im stuck.
Which Should I do first..
A - New GPU, something in the line of a Radeon 7750 is what im leaning too. I know it will be bottleneck on my current pcie
B - Replace motherboard to a true AM3+ with ddr3 support and also take advantage of the higher FSB of my CPU

Both options are about same price what im looking at, Motherboard + mem, or GPU

thanks for any input, and sorry for long ass post :na:
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    DDR3 memory will not work on that motherboard! Go ahead and upgrade the video card and see how much of an improvement it will be, you can always upgrade the motherboard and processor along with memory later.
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