Problem with new card, drivers, or psu

My old grapchics card finally took a dive on me so I replaced it with a gtx 560ti
on a fresh install of windows. My problem is everytime I try to start my pc and
I get to windows it always gives me a error message video driver has stopped responding and an error comes up for open GL code 4 the screen keeps flashing on and off, so I hit the restart button and everything loads up fine and works great after that. Anyone know what the problem is?

My specs
msi p43 neo3 mobo
4 gigs ram
pny gtx 560ti
thermaltake tr2 rx550 power supply
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  1. What was your previous graphics card? Did you remember to use DriverSweeper to COMPLETELY remove all of your previous VGA drivers?

    (get driversweeper from
  2. Its on a fresh install so my hard drive should be wiped

    previous card was an 8800gts 512
  3. What driver version are you using and have you tried re installing it?
  4. Ive tried 3 different drivers on 2 fresh installs of windows right now Im using the beta drivers, its weird because I can hit the power button to turn it on and 5 seconds later hit the restart to avoid going to windows the first time and it works fine no
    errors when it reaches windows. I tested my memory and its not that so maybe I think its something to do with the new card.

    Looks like I will replace the card I bought it from Best buy The only other version of this card they sell is the nvidia reference card, It says that card needs a 500w power supply is it better to go with the nvidia branded card or wait for them to restock the pny

    p.s. I would just get cash back and buy elsewhere but it was a giftcard
  5. It's an odd one this issue, I'm running a pair of 560Ti's in SLi on a 620w PSU and can't say that I've seen or read about this issue before.
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