Mini-itx build will order tomorrow!

Im building a gaming mini itx build and want to keep the cost as low as possible.

Im going to be studying abroad so Im going to use my current monitor and keyboard/mouse meanwhile and when I'm in Canada (february) I may buy a new monitor, mouse and keyboard.
The i5 2500 goes for $195 not for $210 (coupon)
The usb is to install windows, I was planning to get a slimline dvd drive but I read that I may need an adapter and that costs $20 30 of the dvd drive.

Anything I need to replace?
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More about mini build order tomorrow
  1. What games @ what resolution?
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    Doesnt the motherboard alredy comes with cables?

    Maybe you should get a 5400RPM HDD because of less heat.

    Alsom you need a case fan, right? check
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