My sound stopped working???

Hey guys so recently my sound on my computer stopped working and I have no idea how to fix it. I can see that when I'm playing videos that windows is playing it, but my speakers have no sound coming out of them. I also tested headphones through the front panel and it also didn't work. I may have messed something up when trying out an old graphics card because when I was putting my normal one back it I think I hit the motherboard with the back-plate. If you guys could walk me through the steps for pinpointing the problem it would be much appreciated. :)

Here is my computer build...
CPU>Amd Phenom II X4 960T/AMD Phenom II X6 1100T
CPU Cooler > Cooler Master 212 Plus
MEMORY > CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB)
PSU > CORSAIR Builder Series CX500 V2 500W
VIDEO CARD >HIS iSilence 4 Radeon HD 6670
SOUND DEVICE > Onboard Realtek ALC892
O/S > Windows 7 64-bit
Case > COOLER MASTER Elite 430
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  1. right click the lil speaker in the bottom right of screen

    hit playback dev......

    choose speakers and SET AS DEFAULT....

    hope that'll do it 4ya
  2. I tried to do that, but it says that it is unplugged?

    Edit: It also says that my mic isn't plugged it but my webcam is clearly plugged in as well as my speakers...??
  3. oh dear........

    you're positively plugged into the green one???

    id try removing and re-installing the driver....
  4. I pretty sure they plugged it correctly..
  5. bummer....try the driver.....

    i really hope you didnt damage your on board sound.....nothing a cheap soundcard couldnt fix tho.....
  6. I tried the diver still doesn't work...
  7. I know that there are cheap sound cards, but what makes this so expensive.
  8. Also do you have any recommendations for sound cards? What should I be looking for in a sound card? Are 3rd party sound cards almost always better than the ones that come with the mobo?
  9. Sorry to be asking all these questions, but in this forum(
    someones says that you need to work on getting ALL the drivers properly installed...
    When I was switching out the graphics cards the 6670 and the 2450 the drivers kept on switching so I was thinking that maybe it messed up the sound somehow?
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    lets work our way could start with a clean install and be positive about the drivers......

    sound card rec... this would be a big upgrade from on board audio...(less noise...way clearer)

    but if you want to go big...
    this one will let you plug some audiophile quality 600 ohm sennhausers and show you how music is SUPPOSED to be listened to.... the type of sounds that make Beats by dre sound like someone took 2 pieces of dog $hit, stuffed them in earmuffs, and ran a wire to them.....
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  12. What sound card would let me take full advantage of these better than beats and much less pricey than sennheisers :)) but still be around like $20?

    note: this can be plugged into pcie x16,x8,x4,orx1

    very good midrange card

    oooo thought it said 120$

    this one is 25$......itll drive those....
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