Need upgrade help!!!

Hey, Im looking for an upgrade in the near future. (Mostly due to Battlefield 3 having high requirements.) I am probably going to get an EVGA GTX 570 (Unless there is a better brand around?). I am worried about bottleneck and such (which i have limited knowlege on) along with if my power supply will be able to hold up with these upgrades. And eventually i would most likely upgrade my CPU, but am wondering if i would be able to do fine with the 570 if i upgraded to it.

Also out of the GTX 570s which one would be the best? (HD 2gb, Classified, Superclocked, HD Superclocked etc.)

My Setup: -HAF 922 Case
-Intel i5 760 4x2.8ghz
-4gb DDR3 1333 RAM
-EVGA GTX 460 Superclocked 1gb EE
-MSI P55-GD65 SLI motherboard
-850 watt Corsair TX
-Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Any help is appreciated :D
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  1. I would get an LGA 1155 board and the Core i5-2500K. Nearly the same price, much faster, and you have an upgrade path to Ivy Bridge.

    Edit: Never mind, I thought that was your proposed build. I agree with sky03, get a CPU cooler and upgrade your video card. I would add that you could upgrade your motherboard and CPU later when Ivy Bridge comes out, because the CPU cooler would still be compatible. The 570 should be fine to play BF3; alternatively, you could add a second 460 in SLI.
  2. Power supply is definitely good enough. Can you OC your CPU? If yes, do that and just upgrade the vid card and buy a cpu cooler.
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