HDMI to DisplayPort or DL DVI Adapter 3D

can i get 1080p 60Hz or still limit to 720p 50/60Hz or 1080p 24Hz in 3D
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  1. 3D requires a minimum of 120hz refresh rate.
  2. yeah i know as i 'm getting the Samsung S27A950
  3. Then what is your question?
  4. purple stank said:
    Then what is your question?

    can i get 1080p 60Hz when i use a hdmi to displayport adapter in 3D
  5. ^I am using a Sapphire HD6950 2GB Flex and use HDMI 1.4a cable ( included in box ) to connect HDMI (from video card ) to HDMI to my 3D TV. It works for me but I am not clear what you mean at 1080p 60Hz? For me it works at 1920x1080 at certain fps ( i forgot but can find out if needed ).
  6. 60 fps per eye
  7. ^I see.
    So what is your video card? If it is compliant to HDMI 1.4a then it will support 3D. As I mentioned, mine is working with this set-up.
    Why do you look for an HDMI adaptor, doesn't your video card have HDMI port?
  8. getting a msi 780r laptop and it came with a 560m gpu and a hdmi 1.4a port and what your frame rate in 3d as hdmi 1.4 can only do 24fps per eye in 1080p
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