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guys I am building a new rig...i have already purchased everything but I am unsure of one thing lol..i bought the intel dp55kg mobo and 2x4 corsair dominator platinum ddr3 1600mhz pc3 12800 c9 memory..please tell me that those are compatible...thanks for your time!!
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    Yes they are compatable and if you put them in and the bios says they are running at 1333mhz all you have to do is enable the XMP profile and you'll see then run at 1600 mhz.
  2. ok...this is my second rig that I've built so I am a rookie. How do you enable the XMP profile? Sorry man lol
  3. In the bios in the memory section you will see an option to level up on the memory. it's hard to tell exactly what it will say because every motherboard will word it differently and you have to look for it in the memory section. On an Asus board it will say memory level up and when you click on it you will have a few options and one of them will be to use the XMP profile.
  4. Gotcha..thx a lot for your time and knowledge!!
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