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I am looking at making my first build in a LONG time. Looking to build a HTPC, and don't have a PC anymore as I have two laptops. In typical fashion, there are tons of options out there for this build, and I would like to start at least around the $500 or less range, but this is negotiable based on needs. I don't want to overbuild as I have no needs for it or overclocking for that matter (at least I don't think I need this).

BD (can wait)

I want to be able to obviously watch movies/stream, play music, play emulators, and use this for ripping/downloading media. Will an i3 sb be adequate for processing? I know I'm leaving stuff out, but please help me anyway. It's good karma!
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  1. Part of my reasoning for i3 was specifically to avoid needing a graphics card as I read it has integrated HD. Will it not be as good as even a cheap graphics card? Should I get a sound card as well?
  2. How about something based on the AMD A6 Llano 2.4ghz?
  3. not against AMD, I've just seen builds with the i3 that I could replicate/modify. I assume the AMD is enough processor for the needs listed above? I don't care about much except speed. I HATE slow computers and will likely find it a date with the sidewalk if it pisses me off with slowness.
  4. Im still reading conflicting opinions on video. Is the general consensus that a video card is overkill or a nice addition to HTPC? The one thing I want aside from speed is video quality. If the extra $100 +/- will provide superior quality and backbone for potential/limited gaming I would go that route..... ACK! So confused...
  5. very affordable because of the processor. The processor contains the graphics processor

    A very complete HTPC configuration for years of entertainment. Only 323,00 $ (excl DVD player)

    CPU/GPU -AMD A4-3400- $69.99

    Great Dual Core 2.7 ghz CPU with integrated AMD HD6410 graphics processor. No need for extra VGA card or a motherboard with onboard VGA this cpu has it all.
    Socket FM1

    CPU Cooler Enermax ETS-T40 T.B.SILENCE CPU Cooler(Side Flow) 39,00$

    you need a silent cooler. the Stock cooler will not do, too Much rpm and rpm means noise. You can adjust this one from 800 rpm to 1800 rpm.

    Motherboard – ASRock A75M-HVS FM1 AMD A75 – $69.99
    Complete motherboard. With Optical audio out and HDMI out. Connect it to your 5.1 system and HD TV with ease. Supports DDR 3 upto 2400+. 6 sata ports for your HD`s. with 1GB lan you can use this system also as a media stream server.

    RAM – 2x2GB DDR3-1333 – $25

    No nonsense RAM

    HDD – Seagate Barracuda 1TB – $54
    A little green Speedy Harddisk

    PSU – Antec Earthwatts 380 – $40
    A very green powersupply 80% efficiency + 80mm lownoise fan creates a airflow in the case.

    DVD – LG DVD burner – $20
    No comment Only if you need it. I dont believe in this type of storage anymore. I copied all mine DVDs to the Harddisks. No more waste of physical space and scratches.
    Case – Any Micro ATX case $25
    APEX TX-381-C Black Steel Micro ATX Tower Computer Case
    Ugly but cheap. Do not connect the fan either.
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