New monitor is HDMI. Old graphics card is DVI. Problem?


I'm about to purchase a new monitor. I wanted a monitor/HDTV combo; a one-stop-shop for all my display needs. Gaming PC, PS3, Wii, TV etc.

I was thinking of going for Samsungs new 2011 monitor/HDTV 1080p combo the T27A550.

The potential problem is that it doesn't have a DVI input on it (none of the 2011 combos do). It only has HDMI. And my Graphics Card, a year old Radeon 4500HD only has DVI out.

Am I right in thinking I can get a DVI to HDMI converter and everything will be hunkydory? i.e. no quality loss/problems?

Any advice much appreciated. :)
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  1. Yes. You'll just need separate speakers for the sound for your PC as DVI doesn't transmit the sound part of the signal. The quality will be the same as the same digital video signal is sent over DVI or HDMI. The only thing that would ruin the quality is if you get a bad or cheap converter.
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