PSU: Top or Bottom of HAF 932

Which is better? I tried looking around but most people seem more interested in how their case looks rather than how well cooled it is.
The way I see it the PSU mounted on the top gives you more spread out cooling if you have all fans intaking and the rear exhausting, only thing I can see being bad about this is if you have an air cooled CPU.
With the PSU on the bottom the air has to go around it making it less efficient and there's no option to have fresh air blowing up into the GPU.
In my case anyhow I see top mounted PSU being better. I have water cooling so I don't really need any fresh air coming from the top to help out an air CPU cooler. The radiator would be on the bottom pulling fresh air in and having full access to my GPU, keeping it alittle cooler.
See spoiler for Visual.

Grey = PSU
Blue = Fans
Red = Radiator (push/pull)
Green lines = Cool air
Red lines = Hot exhaust
Orange (PSU): Possible residual heat.

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  1. Your reasoning doesn't make sense from a physics point of view.

    The radiator's job is to take the heat from the devices being cooled and disperse it outside of the case.

    How does your statement "The radiator would be on the bottom pulling fresh air in" even work?

    You will be dumping the radiator's heat load to the inside of the case which is counter to what you are trying to achieve (i.e. removing the heat from the inside of the case).

    Why would you want to use warmed air from the radiators to "cool" your graphics card? Doesn't work.
  2. I really don't think having the radiator blowing in from the bottom would cause my GPU to heat up.
    My case temps are no problem at all as it is, with the radiator on top blowing in.
    The radiator is set up push/pull with 120x38, 2700RPM fans. 30c idle, never hit 50c full load. (i5 @ 4.5GHz)
    GPU stays a steady 27c idle & cpu stress test and even the way it is now the GPU probably gets hit with alot of the air coming in from the radiator.

    Just thought it would be worth trying out, and if I put it on the bottom I'd probably change the fans to some high speed 120x25s with shrouds if it'd fit.

    Was looking to hear from anyone that's tried this before, how it is.
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