Asus motherboard repair

Broke of Sata plug no 1 on moherboard. Can it be replaced?
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  1. maybe....take it to an electronic repair shop.....

    or just use #3....

    you dont HAFTO start w/#1
  2. 1 & 2 ARE 6 GB while 3 through 6 are 3 gb. I was using a Samsung 256SSD card on one and a Pioneer bluray player on 2. Will this cause a performance issue on the Blu Ray burner/playerputting it on 3 gb?
  3. No. The blu ray burner doesn't use the bandwidth of the faster sata port anyway.
  4. Thanks. Will use board for roomy that has an ancient old HP XP.
  5. Can I desolder Sata 6 and re solder it to Sata 1? Could then use SSD card on sata 1 and a
    sata III 6 gb hard drive on sata 2?
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