No display output from laptop to external monitor. Using hdmi cable

I have been trying to connect my Dell XPS 15 to an external monitor. The dell only has hdmi connectivity. The display on the external monitor reads "Check Signal Cable". What could be wrong? The Monitor worked when I used the DVI-hdmi cable that came with my samsung BX2350 to connect to another laptop.
Any suggestion would be welcome.
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  1. Try a different cable. Does the laptop even see the second monitor?
  2. I had the same issue - no signal to my external monitor when hdmi was plugged in. I finally went in to "device manager" (click windows key, type "device manager" then open device manager. I believe I went to "display adapters" and clicked on the nvidia one, right-clicked and selected "properties" and found that nvidia was disabled (I guess intel took precedence?); enabled nvidia (I think it was under the 'general' tab), and immediately my external monitor came to life! Hope this helps some other people.
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