GTX 295 quad SLI vs Radeon 5870 CF?

Based on the latest drivers etc., who would still win in terms of FPS raw GPU power? I would love to know which one.
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  1. gtx295 quad will be faster but note that it is dx10, correct me if i m wrong.
    future games are using dx11 rather than 10 so, 5870 cf will be nice.
  2. Sorry for my noobish question but is there any difference in terms of quality of graphics between DX10 and DX11 these days?
  3. yes, there is a noticeable difference between dx10 and dx11, as the crysis 2 dx11 patch has arrived, better textures, tessellations, lighting, shadows, high textures, has been added and surely it uses tad amount of gfx power at higher resolution.

    if you are buying one of these, i would go with a 6870cf or 6950 cf or even a 560ti sli if you have intel board or am3+.
    please note that future games are using dx11, dx10 is outdated imo.
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