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Hi guys, I really need your help. I have a IBM X30 laptop, it dos not come with wireless integrated, but after reading Tim Higgins 's guide of adding a internal wireless card to a notebook, I decided to get a Dell TrueMobile 1150 internal minipci wifi card for my IBM X30 notebook. At first I couldnt find the mini-pci slot, it was underneath the keyboard. Anyways, my x30 does not come with integrated antenna, but I decided to try it anyways. I got the mpci wifi card to work under windows xp pro/sp2, but the range is very very short, like 5 - 10 meters. I just want to know how can I increase the range? I know you can install an antenna for the X30, but it's too much work, you have to take off the LCD bezel and stuff. Is it possible to just add a short antenna and just hide it inside the laptop? I don't expect it have the same range as the ones with antenna presintalled, but I hope it will at least give me like 30 - 50 meters.
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  1. I guess you could just get an internal laptop antenna wire and just coil it up inside the case somewhere. That is about all you can do.

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  2. thx for the reply, but where do i connect the antenna to?
  3. Minipci cards have an extremely tiny little antenna connector. It is a very small circle with a pin in the middle.
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