Problem installing windows 7 (Tried lots of methods)

I have a problem with installing Windows on my computer. every time i try to install a fresh copy, it hangs on the starting windows screen. I tried to leave it there for 25-30 minutes but it just freezes. i even tried to go to bios and put the sata option to "compatible". it still didn't work. then i read that there was a compatibility issue with 2 ram so i took one ram out and it went a little further this time. it passed the starting windows screen but then it hangs there on a blue screen with the flower. i even tried upgrading it by installing my original xp professional but it freezes after it resets.

i have a retail copy of windows 7 it works on my new setup using:

Mobo: rampage gene
Processor : intel i7 920
Ram: dominator 6gb ram ddr3
Video card: evga gtx 260

But will not work with my previous set up
Mobo: rampage extreme 775
Ram: ocz reaper 2x 2gb
Processor: intel e8500 duo core
Video card: evga 8800 gts ko edition

oh and before i forget i also tried a different psu because i read that it could be a problem and it doesn't seem to be it. i used the antec 650w earthwatts and a cooler master 400w.

please help any suggestion would be appreciated. thanks
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  1. try with just one slot of ram. just 2Gb of ram, all set to defaults and then try to load windows.

    worst case u can set a little higher ram voltage(definitely not required)
  2. Hey thanks man i got it to work. Here's what i did, just in case anyone else had the same problem.

    i took heaven's advice and only used the 2gb reaper. i don't know why but the 1gb corsairs do not work it will freeze when the four colored dots appear. using only the reaper in the first slot it booted but booted up really slow compared to my other setup. i read on another forum that this is because of conflicts with raid or something that causes this lag. if you wait for about 5-7 mins you will move on to the next menu. if you wait another 5-10 mins then you will move on to installation and so on. pretty much just takes a lot longer. dunno why. after its done installing you can reset it and plug back all your ram, if you get a prompt asking you if you want to start windows normally with the last working settings just do that and everything should work

    another problem i ran into was that running on the 32bit windows 7 the os saw all 6gb of ram but when i use the 64bit it only reads 5gb and will only boot up if i take the extra 1gb of ram out.

    anyone know a solution to this? if not its cool thanks again heaven
  3. Slow installation seems very normal with windows 7. Check below.

    on the 32bit windows, doesnt matter even if u use 8gb. Windows 32 bit cant use more than 3.X GB of Ram.

    To check for yourself. Right click on My Computer. Go to properties. Check the Ram status. I will say 6GB connected but used will be below 4GB. Like 2.99GB or 3.15Gb or 2.75 GB

    No use in installing 6GB ram and Win 32 Bit. you need Win 64 Bit to use ram better.

  4. yeah i read a lot about it too but it wouldn't load all the way during the start up screen. it had the dots forming the windows logo but never completely forming the logo until i took out the ram. i left it on the dots for quite some time and it just kinda froze.
    yeah the 32 bit showed the ram and had in quotes using 4, but i couldn't get my 64bit to use all 6 gigs of ram. had to take one out so now theres like 5 in there. oh well doesn't matter. you're awesome heaven. thanks again for the help and quick reply you were the only one that did.
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