I need help choosing good case fans.

This may be in the wrong place, and if it is please tell me.
I just got my first gaming PC. It's great, but now that I have it, for some reason I'm now terrified about heat. I was just wondering what case fans would work well with my case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811133190&Tpk=thermaltake%20commander
I would like some fans that are thin, have LEDs, aren't too loud, and will cool my system efficiently. If anyone can recommend some good ones that would be great. Also, will it be difficult for me to install? I got a prebuilt system, so I don't really have experience installing components.
And another thing, the top fan slot on my case interferes with the placement of the moterboard, so that's why I need at least one thin fan.
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  1. You can replace all stock 120mm case fans as they move very little air. Then you can buy four of these:
    Fan installation is the easiest part of building a PC. Vote me for best answer
  2. +1 to davcon's suggestion ,I got 3 of those sickleflows in my system, they are red but they are the same fan.

    What is your current top fan?

    How many fans do you have in your case currently?

    you should download hwmonitor to check your temps, you might not even need additional cooling.

    EDIT-you said you do not have that much experience so here is how to install a case fan.

    1. The fan will come with 4 screws you will want to first pre-thread the screw into the case fan holes before you attempt to mount it into the case.
    2. pertains to step one Make sure you thread the right side of the fan, this is dependent upon whether the fan is to be used as a exhaust or intake. It does not matter that much if you thread the wrong side it simply means you would have to thread eight holes instead of four.

    If none of that made sense you can always 'youtube' a how to install case fan video.
  3. I have no issue with Antec ..900 / 1200CP / DF series fans nor CM HAF fans at all........

    You might find this good reading .....

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