Sapphire PCI-X 6950 2GB Dual Fan

Hello, i would like to know if is safe to adjust the sliders in CCC in AMD overdrive to 840MHz instead of 800 and to 1325 MHz instead of 1250. These are the maximum values for this card and has dual fans so i was wondering if that simple way of o/c would be possible without complications. My fan speed btw is @ 35%
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  1. Well, you can. However, you need to figure out if this overclock is stable. The heat is not the only thing to consider when overclocking.

    What you want to do is download 3dMark 11 and run the free version in performance mode. If the card can get through the entire demo without errors, then its safe to say that overclock is stable. If it cant, then you have to go push the sliders down and keep testing until you get it stable.

    One thing to note: Go ahead and give the card the extra 20% power boost. Slide it all the way to the 20% for any overclock, that will make it more stable as well.
  2. The normal temperatures on this are? Atm is idle on 51 celcius
  3. That sounds about normal for idle temps. Really, you should be fine as long as the card stays under 85c under full stress (or when running 3dmark 11).

    this came out as i did the free test. Btw i have a big screen and i play games @ 1920x1200.. What this means? I updated the drivers but second time i got this test this came out
  5. The performance is a bit higher to my sapphire 6950 2gb dirt 3 edition on a i5-760 without overclocking (P4800).

    Overclocking to with trixx 880 and 3,4 (the I-5) I get P5300...
  6. So this means i can do the overclocking through the ccc?
  7. With CCC you can overclock until 840 after that you'll need to use trixx (download at ) or unlock the CCC limits that worked for earlier ATI/AMD drivers... for the I5 I used Gigabyte tools
  8. Im sorry to bother again but idk about these things.. If i just reach the clocks to maximum, will i see any difference? and if yes, is that safe? I did this score maximum clocks
    So is it safe to leave it this way?
  9. Overclocking is never 100% safe but usually stability goes down before damaging. Do not take over 900 mhz on your first try. increase 10-20mhz and tes it using furmark / atitool or 3dmark if ok go another 10-20 if it loses stability take it back.

    I get this at 840 mhz and the i7 at 4,4 on a single card

    in crossfire i get

    Easily you should be able to get it around 880 and with luck over 920 mhz in a case with good cooling.
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