Bth shift keys not working on laptop

Hello, both my shift keys on laptop have stopped working, i cant use it with numbers to get the other functionality or use with the at key or question mark key. its not stickey keys, or language setting either. not on numlock etc either. any suggestions - question mark, as i cant do one-exclamation now as well. i apprecaite it may be the laptop keys, but both have stopped working at the same time which makes me think its a setting issue somewhere.
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  1. My first though when clicking onto this thread was you may have sticky keys locked on.

    Since as you stated above that's not the issue, i agree it seems odd that both keys have stopped working at the same time.

    It might be worth checking your laptop manufacturers website for keyboard drivers (this probably wont make any difference, but its worth a try). More likely the issue will be a lose cable somewhere under your keyboard that's causing the issue.

    Double check sticky keys, under accessibility options, check device manager for any driver conflicts/issues, download the latest keyboard drivers from your laptop manufacturers website - if all these fail, its likely a hardware issue rather than software.
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