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Hello, I've got a problem with my laptop. It's a Dell precision laptop M60. I've installed all the video drivers of the dell support website because my laptop didn't want to play videos right. Afterwards the problem was solved and my computer could play films. After some time however when the ventilator turn on to cool the laptop, the problem returns. Everytime I reboot it works again for a moment!

Can somebody help me with this problem please??

Thanks a lot!!
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  1. Sounds like a heat issue, that looks to be a pretty old laptop, good idea to take it apart and make sure all the fans and headsinks are clean.

    The heatsinks may also need to be reseated and new compound applied between the chip and the heatsink. The video card could also be damaged enough where it fails when it heats up. Not uncommon to see that.
  2. I already tried to clean the ventilator, but it doesn't help... I'll first check the connection with the processor!
    Thanks for the help!!!
  3. Could it also just be an problem with software? I find it very strange that the problem only appears from the moment the ventilator start to work...
  4. Hey, after having dismantled me computer I've found a 2nd ventilator that was filled with dust. Now the 2 ventilators work simultaneously and much less loud! So the situation before probably was an alarm because a ventilator didn't work.

    Problem is solved!

    Thanks for the help!!!!

  5. The reason it would crash when the fan went on, is because that's when it starts to heat up enough to need to be cooled. If it's not getting cooled enough, it can crash.
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