Random loud static coming out of speakers/headphones

So in the last few days(randomly) I hear very loud static coming out of my speakers. This also caused Skyrim to crash while I was playing one time it happened. I have no idea why this is happening...

-Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer
-Have the latest(excl. beta) drivers from Creative
-Fully updated Windows
-Tried reinstalling sound drivers
-Settings in Windows are 24bit/48KHz
-Logitech Z-2300 speakers and Razer Carcharias headset
-Windows 7 64-bit

This only started happening recently, and I'm clueless as to why. Does anyone know why this is happening? :??:
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  1. actually, I've been having the exact same problem recently. I have creative Sound Blaster X-fi as well. But I did get it to stop a few months ago by uninstalling it for a week or two then re-installing it but now it's back. :/ please tell me if you find the answer.
  2. Try updating the driver. This solved the issue for others.
  3. Well I have tried all sorts of things with the drivers. I always make sure I have the latest drivers for all my components.

    My guess is it's my PCI slot that's messed up(I recently moved the card to another PCI slot, because it was too close to my graphics card) though everything works alright now, so maybe it's not the PCI slot then. I pulled my card out, cleaned all the dust in my PC and everything has been alright for around two weeks now.

    If you're going to move it to another slot make sure you fully uninstall the drivers(uninstall+manually remove remaining files etc) and then install them again.

    So in short, it must have been the PCI slot/card/drivers/dust that caused the problem. Not sure exactly. Just make sure, if you're having this problem to uninstall the drivers and any leftover files, pull the card out(making sure you follow the anti-static procedure so you don't damage your parts)when your PC is *OFF*(including all power switches off and cords disconnected), clean the dust(also from inside the actual slot itself, which is the most important place), put the card back in and install the newest drivers.
  4. Yes I agree with the internal dust cleaning of the computer. I do it on a monthly basis. Usually around the first of the month coinciding with my monthly backups (I also do a backup every mid month).

    Also, it helps to wear an anti-static wrist band when working inside the computer case.
  5. Also check the stereo jack is securely in place.

    This can also sometimes be caused by overclocking - if I remember correctly, increasing the bus speed would also affect other peripherals on the MB
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