Low power PSU - Medium GPU

First; I'm a technical type of person, and I don't mind messing about with my system.

I've got my self a basic desktop for my second apartment and I obviously can't take my main system with me all the time, so I'm thinking of adding some juice too it.

It's a HP Pavilion p6-2000ukm.

x1 - Intel core i3 2120
x1 - 1TB, 7200RPM HDD
x1 - DVD drive
x1 - 4GB DIMM
x1 - Mini PCI-E Wireless card

(GPU is currently Integrated HD 2000)

In the short; I want to add http://www.ebuyer.com/272568-powercolor-hd-6770-1gb-gddr5-hdmi-dvi-vga-pci-e-graphics-card-ax6770-1gbd5-h?utm_source=google&utm_medium=products into the mix.

The PSU is rated as 300W, standard efficiency, built by Delta electronics and has had a HP logo slapped on the bad boy :P

+12Va - 12A
+12Vb - 16A
+5.08V - 13A
+3.3V - 12A
+5.08Vsb - 2A
-12V - 0.3A

The total power consumption should be just under 100W currently(?)
But my question is; would a AMD Radion 6770 Get enough power ?

(Oh, and the fact that the PSU has no 6 pin doesn't matter, as I've got a (2)Molex to 6 pin connector). :hello:
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  1. 6670!
  2. My bad, thanks.
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