What motherboard should i upgrade to?

I have a 680i SLI with an E8400 core duo @3.00 GHz and a MSI gtx 470.
and i've been getting bad performance on certain games such as bfbc2.
so, people on the forums have been telling me that my cpu is doing all the
work(bottlenecked) and my graphics card isnt. so my question is what
motherboard and cpu should i get(idk if they come paired or not), my current specs:
E8400 core duo @3.00 GHz
MSI gtx 470
8 GB ddr2
600 watt psu
nForce 680i SLI

also, is there anything i could do to fix the bottlenecking, or should i just upgrade? thanks in advance :D
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  1. You could try OCing the CPU, which might fix the problem. Budget for new MB/CPU?
  2. id like to keep below 200 if possible, if not, below 250, as well as the best one for the price. and if there are combos like mobo with cpu. i OC'd my cpu a lil and performance did increase a lil, but im waiting on a case fan i ordered to come in becuase its gotten much hotter since, but i keep it down
  3. Do you want/need SLI support on the mobo? My advice would be a i3-3220 on an H77/B75 mobo and 8GB DDR3-1600
  4. sli support is where you have 2 cards? its not neccesary, no. if i were get either of these mobos would i have to upgrade ram as well? so id have to get new mobo, cpu, and ram?
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