Couple questions about strange X-fire goingons

Hello I just got my new cards last night and this is the first time I have run a dual video card setup. I am seeing some weirdness and wanted to ask if some of this is normal or things are messing up.

I assume the Main card is the one in the Main PCI-E slot closest to the processor and is the card I have the monitor plugged into.
So I slapped my cards in last night and was running 3dMark and Unigine and was seeing Yellow/Greenish lines flashing thru the screen esp. when it looked like the program was loading data in while running. This morning I went into Device manager only to see windows had installed my Onboard audio and 2 AMD HD Audio devices while I already have my SoundBlast XFI card loaded. I disabled the 2 AMD Audio devices and removed the onboard audio. I am now not seeing the lines while running the bench mark tests but when I loaded into L4D2 and would go into a dark room with the flash light on the light would change from white to the Yellow/Greenish color. Any ideas on what might be causing this issue?

Some other things I am wondering about are these items.
I read in another post that the main card will run a little hotter then the 2nd because it is used to display everything so that explains that part. The main card is running 5-25c hotter then the 2nd one. But here is what I don't understand during Benchmarking the Main card can run as hot as 82c W/ Fan spd of 35% while the 2nd card is running at 53c W/ Fan spd of 74%. Also the 2nd card will throttle the fan up when I open Firefox but the main card does not. Why is the main card not throttling the fan like the 2nd card?

Another thing I am seeing under MSI Afternburner is the GPU Core clocks do not match under Benchmarking. The Main card can hit up to 880 while the 2nd card hit 765. Should these not match? And the GPU usage is off as well. Like right now with Firefox open the Main card GPU Usage is any where from 3-20 and the 2nd card is 0-40, should this not be reversed?

Thanks for any help or info you can give me on these issues if they are even issues at all. Here are my system specs.
I7 920 (OC 3.6 CV 1.216V Stable)
using Fort 120 Heatsink w/2 120mm Fans
Corsair Dominator TR3X6G1600C8D (OC )
ASRock X58 Extreme
2 Sapphire 6970's XFire (No OC)
Corsair CMPSU-1000HX A
Sound Blaster X-FI Extreme PCI-E
WD VelociRaptor
and Older IDE HD
Thermal Take Tower with 7 Fans
Win 7 64b
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  1. The card usage % doesn't concern me. What concerns me is two things:

    1. The clock speeds aren't matching. They should match. Start a 3d application, but have it windowed (example, run WoW in windowed mode) so you can still see the MSI afterburner window without having to minimize. If you minimize a full screen 3d game, some cards still underclock themselves right there on the spot. Use MSI Afterburner to adjust the clocks manually so that they're both equal to factory standards.

    2. The temps. Once you've got the application running, check the fan speeds. Make sure the fan speeds are adjusting by themselves as the temp rises. If they still don't, I'd manually adjust them in MSI afterburner so they're the same. You might have to sacrifice some DB in noise, but it'll help in the end with cooling and performance.

    FYI, I had graphical issues in LFD2 when my card was getting too hot, so what you're experiencing isn't abnormal. Make the cards equal and increase your fan speeds, I bet your issues will dissapear ; )
  2. Ok the MSI Afterburner let me set fan speeds and now they both throttle accordingly.

    I ran Unigine and 3DMark in windowed modes and this is what I am seeing.

    GPU usage on the Main card is 99% and the 2nd card is 0-14%(Unigine) 0-32%(3dMark) with the majority of the time sitting at 0%
    Core Clock for the Main card is 765 and the 2nd card 157-765 with the majority of the time sitting at 157
    Memory Clocks for the Main card is 1375 and the 2nd card 300-1375 with the majority of the time sitting at 300

    So it looks like the 2nd card is not even being used but maybe I just don't know how it works.
    I have checked in the CCC and it shows X-fire enabled.
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