Why is my CPU getting so hot?

I have a new PC, with a 2500k. The processor has been getting very hot. After playing Civ5 for about 1-2 hours, it was over 70 degrees Celsius. I have liquid cooling in my computer too, and i didn't overclock at all. It may be because I have a supposedly not very good PSU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817152043. Should I just go ahead and replace my PSU? Or maybe install better case fans, since I still have stock? All help is appreciated, thanks.
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  1. What software? Which cooler? Is it seated on properly?
  2. amuffin said:
    What software? Which cooler? Is it seated on properly?

    Software for monitoring temperature? Speedfan. Cooler is Asetek 510lc. I guess I could check if it is seated properly, but it was built by Cyberpower, so I would think it would be. It could have been messed up in transit or when i removed the protective stuff or something like that. How would I know exactly if it wasn't properly seated?
  3. whats your idle temperatures?

    also have you checked the temp in the bios?

    check if the fans on the cooler is going and make sure the cooler is installed properly. If you still have a problem you might need to return the cpu.
  4. My bios says about 40 Celsius, idle obviously. The cooling system appears properly fastened, and the fan is blowing, but is it possible that the liquid is not being properly distributed, or something like that? And I know that it is just the CPU or the cooling system, since I was playing an intense Starcraft 2 custom game on mostly ultra graphics and the gpu didn't go over 70 Celsius.
  5. I don't remember but does Intel have a "cool and quiet" like amd ? If so turn it off.
  6. I don't know what that is, and how would I turn it off? And why should I turn it off?
  7. to keep the water cooler operating at max efficiency. just like a video card. if you leave the fan factory stock the card gets way too hot before the fan speeds up. if you make the fan run faster at lower temps the thing you are trying to cool should stay cooler and be cooled quicker ( faster rate of liquid passing through the system )
  8. Don't turn off speedstep, that will just make it worse. Instead, in your BIOS find the CPU fan setting and change it from Auto to 100%
  9. I didn't say speedstep............ what you posted sounds about right. something to do with fan speed. ( amd cool and quiet adjusts by temp ) don't know if I would set it at 100% off the bat though.
  10. So I somehow just did something totally wrong. Since I have never used BIOS before, and I knew that I would probably need to use the BIOS to fix my heating problem, I decided to install Gigabyte's Touch BIOS. It showed my motherboard when I was installing it, but now when I start my computer, I get a blue screen error saying Windows won't boot. I seriously need help now. I can't imagine it really was my fault, since I think I was just going through the automated process properly. Please help.
  11. reset the cmos.... read book
  12. I just reset it with a screwdriver, it still isn't working. Please help. Maybe the screwdriver didn't work, but I don't have a jumper.
  13. pull the battery for a minute............ make sure machine is off......
  14. I fixed my BIOS. So back to the heat problem: what should I do in my BIOS that will cool down the CPU?
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