27" 120Hz Gaming Monitor

I'm looking for a 27 inch 120Hz gaming LCD. I currently use a 22 inch CRT. This will mainly be used for FPS gaming.

I'm currently interested in the following:

Acer America HN274Hbmiiid

Any opinions or advice welcome.
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  1. I have the Acer America HN274Hbmiiid as you can see in my signature.

    I enjoy the monitor a lot. I never realized how crappy my 60hz monitor looked until it sat next to this one. A few extra benefits to this monitor is that it is also compliant to AMD's HD3D system, though I strongly recommend using Nvidia's 3D vision. It also comes with a pair of shutter glasses.

    There is some ghosting, but it seems I can't find a 3D monitor that doesn't.

    I bought the monitor for 120hz gaming and 3D movies. I ended up being blown away by 3D gaming and underwhelmed by 3D movies.
  2. I like the non-traditional look of the Samsung stand.

    Acer shows a dynamic contrast of 100,000,000:1 while the Samsung a mere 5,000,000:1, but we all know there's no real standard for measuring or comparing this.

    Acer's 3-year warranty would make my decision. I've learned the hard way on a $1500 Television that when Samsung says 1-year warranty, you can count on it to fail close to or just after the 1-year mark (my TV did both).

    I would go with the Acer based on the warranty.
  3. I've seen acer monitors and they left a bad taste, so I just ordered the samsung SA950.
  4. I have two Samsung monitors that came with three year warranties. They have given me no problems whatsoever.

    Samsungs always seem to have the best picture quality, but it seems like Samsung has two levels of product for a reason. A one-year warranty on Samsung anything makes me suspicious why they wouldn't back a $700 monitor longer than one year. I would trust it if they offered the longer three-year warranty on this product, but they don't.
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