Is My Graphic card Dead?

Hello everyone, I've recently encounter a problem with my current graphic card, its a NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 1535Mb.
The problem is that it seems to be heat up real HOT in idle mode around 70°C+.
The question is, the graphic card only heat up after I've installed the Graphic driver, once I uninstalled it, it came back to 50°C.
I've checked the fan and its functionning, does that means that my graphic card is officially dead? :(
I only do some light gamming such as League of Legends, Maplestory and web browsing or watching animes. Does anybody know the cause to this?
Thanks in Advance.
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  1. Clean the card itself, use a good driver cleaner software to remove all bits of graphics drivers and reinstall them from the nVidia site.
  2. I've done that, its shiny clean, but have not try it yet not wanting it to dissapoint me :(
  3. :( It still doesnt works, upon installing the driver and rebooting the pc, it stuck on the Windows XP logo, what is the reason to this? :(
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