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I plan to build a gaming desktop (games I play - Shogun 2, Witcher, Civ 5, eve, etc). Total price range of $1,000-1,500. I have monitors already. I prefer to buy pre-mades but the price tends to put me out of the performance I am looking for. My goal is to hit the sweet spot of reliability, performance, price. I would greatly appreciate any help folks could provide, in particular total recommended package. My biggest concern is getting components that don't work optimally together.

Items I figure I need:
- mid tower (power 1000 minimum)
- motherboard
- cput
- good cooling
- ram
- video card (s)
- blueray/dvd player
- hard drive

I plan to order the components online 10/15.

Thanks again for any help folks are willing to provide.

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  1. 384-bit,

    Thanks for the quick reply. This seems pretty good, a couple of quick questions:
    - Why only 750w power supply? My machines tend to die quick (one year or so) and my thinking has been that power supply is a good place to go overboard a bit.
    - Do you prefer newegg, or was that just the best place to find quick comparisons?

  2. newegg is seriously the best place to buy. like no place better, they have everything and can save you alot of money than buying from other places. plus the reviews they have there on the products are amazing, and full of insight
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