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hey guys i have a dell dimension b110 case laying around. I would like to get it up and running but dont have any of the original pieces, does anybody know a build i could make with this case?
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  1. The case only fits a micro ATX form factor motherboard.

    What are you going to be using this system for?

    Are you reusing the original power supply unit or is the case completely stripped of all parts?

    Is the I/O shield removable or are the holes for the I/O ports punched through the case's back panel to match the original OEM motherboard's I/O ports?

    Is a floppy drive still required?
  2. just a normal everyday pc, surfin the web you know youtube facebook stuff like that. all parts are stripped out of it it's literally only the case. the i/o shield is removable, floppy drive not required.
  3. What kind of budget have you allocated?

    Do you have your own USB keyboard, USB corded/cordless mouse, display and speakers for this unit?

    Is an integrated graphics processor okay or do you want a discrete graphics card solution? For web surfing, Youtube, Facebook and other light duty PC usage an integrated graphics processor should be sufficient.

    Do you have a preference for an AMD or an Intel solution?

    How much disk storage do you require? How about an SSD?

    What Operating System is being used with and is it the 32-bit or 64-bit edition?

    At a bare minimum you are going to require a Micro ATX motherboard (with integrated graphics processor ports if no discrete graphics card is required), CPU, memory, power supply unit, hard disk drive and/or SSD, CD/DVD drive.
  4. have no budget, have keyboard, mouse, display, speakers. want discrete graphics, prefer intel want atleast 500gb, not interested in ssd, 64bit windows 7 home premium is the os im gonna install.
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