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Hi peeps i am upgrading my single 5870 to two x 6950 2gb in xfire i'm wondering how much of a cpu bottleneck will i get
my pc spec is.

core 2 quad 9300@3.42ghz with antec kuler h2o 620
6gb ocz reaper 1066 ddr 2 @1091
p5qpro mobo
910 watt pc power and cooling psu
xfi extreme gamer

I'm doing a new build next year and will not be upgrading my graphics
for a while it'll just be ram mobo and cpu when i put it together.

Will i get most of the peformance of is having two of these monster cards
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  1. Is the 5870 a bottleneck now? What games and at what resolution are you playing, where you think the 5870 is the bottleneck?
  2. I'll be playimg at 1920x1080 on a 22inch lg w2261vp moniter
    i'll be playing stuff like crysis 1 and 2 dawn of war 2
    splinter cell conviction
    bf 3 when that's released
    lost planet2
    more dx11 stuff than older games.
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