Looking for a new CPU Mobo

Hey all. Im kind of in hte dark ages and my Wife bought me a HD 6870 card for Xmas but I'm pretty sure Im bottlenecked. My current system is:

Biostar N68S+ Motherboard - GeForce 7025, Socket AM2+
AMD Phenom X4 9600B 2.3GHz
2 x Corsair 2048MB PC6400 DDR2
Thermaltake 600W PS

Im thinking of AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition AM3 CPU HDZ965FBGMBOX - 3.40GHz and new Mobo.

Would this be good for a bit or should I wait and save up for something better? I really only game on this computer and want something to at least support the 6870. My budget is limited to 200 bucks for CPU and Mobo. Gonna have to get new memory also.

Any suggestions? I see a few threads saying Intel is better then AMD. Personal preferance or...?

Also Im not sure if my current is overclockable or not. I know Overdrive doesnt work with it. Its a real basic board.

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  1. the Phenom should last you long enough before it gets outdated.
    you can probably look at something like this and your rig should last a while.

    Phenom II is a good cpu, but honestly if you want your rig to last longer, i think the intel core i5, i7 might have a longer life span, speaking in becoming outdated.
    but you do have to spend a little more for those cpu. but they will for sure last you.
  2. So got another question. If I wanted to wait to build a new rig would this run my 6870?

    AMD Athlon II X3 455

    Ran across this one reading various threads and reviews as well as the Toms Hardware best buy CPU's for money. Looks like I can get around 75 bucks and could pop in my current board. Then I could tackle a new rig in the future.
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