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Can this psu Cooler Master PSU(SMPS) GX 650W runs 2 gtx 560s in sli

my processor is intel i5 2500k ocd to 4.5ghz,currenly i have 1 gtx 560ti card..i want to add an another one is this psu Cooler Master PSU(SMPS) GX 650W is enough to handle 2 gtx board is msi p67a-gd65
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  1. Back asking this question again?
  2. unfortunately my corsair psu is 3 years old ..which died 2 days ago when i was playing mafia ..suddenly my pc turned off and i cannot switch it again my corsair have only 2 years warranty i had to replace an another one currently there is no availability of corsair psu in my area..i dont know whch psu to buy im currenly using my laptop..
  3. The HX750 has a seven year warranty, contact Corsair for a replacement.
  4. the system engg said that it cannot be replaced because i dont have a ups for my computer older ups supports only 600w so i cannot use my engg said as some voltage fluctuations occured my psu was gone.i cant beleive him because they are high brand and how they can be destroyed by a voltage drop..does this also covers warranty
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    System engg? What or who is that and why don't you just contact Corsair?
  6. Since you have done this much oc on you cpu I will say get a 700w psu to be on safe side, because 2 gtx 560s on SLI will draw around 280w power
    and that PSU has a single rail +12v for stability reasons it is better to go with dual rail or above
  7. contact Corsair first as mousemonkey said..
  8. Mousemonkey said:
    System engg? What or who is that and why don't you just contact Corsair?

    so u r saying that amy psu had 7 years warranty i will contact corsair..thanks for the info...
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