Changing graphics cards?

Hey, the graphics card i ordered is out of stock which REALLY sucks... they said it might take 1 - 2 weeks, maybe wont even get back in stock!!!

so im left with the conclusion that i will either have to buy another one, or i might just wait...

So im not too sure but i got a question. I have a mobo, with an integrated amd graphics card.

Can i use this one for now, then install the drivers, wait for the graphics card, then uninstall and then install the new drivers.

If yes, how do i do this?

I mean whats the procedure?

Do i go on windows, uninstall, then turn off, then replace, then install? Wont the graphics card stop working if i uninstall the drivers?

thanks :)
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  1. i'm not totally clear on your situation, are you worried about traces of the old driver conflicting with the new card once you receive it? there are programs that clear out old drivers, or you can just re-install the os if that is the case. no point in going without a computer...obviously the machine will go into the os at low res before you install the integrated drivers, then install them and reboot...
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