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One core maxing out


I am sure there is numerous threads about this already, but I can't seem to find any, so here we go.

I have an HP notebook with a blu ray player. When I play my movies on it, in this case Star Wars Compete Saga, I have noticed that the "0" core is maxing out, while the rest are not doing too much work. I have a first gen i7-740 with 8 gigs of ram. Is this going to screw up my system at all? Is there anyway to spread the work out over the rest of the cores?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

-Qui Gon Jinn's hot p.c.
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  1. Video playback is apparently not multi-threaded. There's nothing you can do about that, unfortunately. It shouldn't affect your system, though it could go faster if there were a way to spread the work out.
  2. The only way the work will get spread out is if the programming is changed. I would like to have multi-threaded decompression in Virtual Dub to speed up HD video play back and make VD easier to use for editing HD video.
  3. would setting its priority to high help?
  4. Nope. Not if the core's already maxed. The application apparently only uses one core, and you can't use more than 100%.
  5. Hmmm, ok, that makes sense.

    I dowloaded Core Temp to check it out. When I am watching my movie, the temp of the core is around 90 degrees C. Again, its an i7-740.
    Is this still ok to watch? Or do you think something is wrong with a fan or something?

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    1 core maxing out when playing the Star Wars Blu Rays is normal behavior unfortunately. 20th Century Fox has done something with their DRM that causes CPU usage on one core to max out with a lot of their recent BluRay releases, including the Star Wars saga. Be thankful you are getting proper playback at least, when the discs first launched, they would get picture corruption when played on most BluRay playback software.

    Edit: 90 degress is too hot for a load temp on the CPU, even in a laptop, you may want to blow any dust out of your laptop's air intakes. Opening up the computer and blowing the dust off the fans would also help your temps. Make sure that your laptop can breathe, and that its air intakes aren't blocked. If that doesn't lower your temps, it could be a CPU fan issue.
  7. Yeah, that's not safe.
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