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I just recently upgraded my computer with a new CPU, Motherboard, and Memory. But I running into a little problem with the Intel turbo boost. It doesn't seem to be working at all. I have the Core i5 2300 stock frequency is 2.8GHz with a turbo boost of 3.1GHz. But when running prime95 with all cores at 100% load CPU-Z shows the frequency at 2.8GHz. It stays at that frequency when playing games or editing videos. It never goes any higher. I checked the BIOS and Turbo Boost is enabled. I reset the BIOS to defalts with no luck. I also flashed the BIOS to the latest version. But still turbo boost still will not kick in. However Intel Speed Step technology is working. When the CPU is at idle the frequency is goes down to 1.5GHz. It's not really important that I have the turbo boost working But it would be nice to have that extra 300MHz when I need it. My motherboard is the Foxconn H61MX.

I would appreciate any help anyone can give me!
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  1. Turbo Boost only works when you are running applications that uses 2 cores or less. It somehow shuts down the other 2 cores to overclock the other 2 cores. So running prime95 on all cores will definitely not enable turbo boost.

    Maybe the video editing software that you use also utilizes the 4 cores so turbo boost is disabled.

    Now about games, try running single core/dual core games only. I think starcraft2, crysis, and other older games utilizes only 2 cores.
  2. Turbo depends on the cores in use and if the temp is low enough. For you it will be:

    4 cores-2.8
    3 cores-2.9
    2 cores-3.0

    You can run prime using less cores and you should see these speeds.

    Download this and run some application and it will show you that Turbo Boost is working on your Intel® Core™ i5-2300. If it isnt then it has been turned off in the Bios.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  4. Althought this is an old post. I need to draw attention to what should be "the obvious." The subject in this thread was very clearly stated regarding the function off/on of ITBTM. I myself find myself wandering away from threads where the responses are "Try this or that" or any sentence that begins with "MAYBE." You can't shoot pool with rope, you can't polish a turd and you can't help anyone if you don't KNOW the answer. That being said.... The Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor is useful for those that need a graphic representation of what the computer is doing (my Achilles Heal is the Hard Drive Activity Light..I get frustrated without one for example on the Dell Inspiron 1545" I had the same problem described in this thread with he ITBTM. I'm here to PROMISE YOU that updating your graphics drivers or downloading and installing a BIOS flash has NOTHING to do with the function of your ITBTM. Although the Turbo Monitor behaves as a gadget in Win7 (ALL) it can be partially removed from it's MSI in Programs and Features Add / Remove. AFTER that I verified that it wasn't still trying to run from startup and then I used my favorite (insert your fav here) broken / invalid registry entry cleaner. do ONE SINGLE SWEEP. Restart and then Download the lastest releases of both MS Updates AND THEN the ITBTM. VOILA! If you're really good with regedit of course you can search for something as specific as "How to delete registry entries when you want to uninstall Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor 2.0 completely" and come up with some pretty good answers. For me it seems like more work than necessary. Hope this finds someone who needs a surefire answer!
  5. #MyPeviousPost That post was meant in response to a different thread of the same topic and was on my clipboard. I'm leaving it hoping it helps someone else when they find this thread.
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