I have a problem and can't figure out what the cause

Hello all,

My apologies for spelling and grammer mistakes as English is not my native language and I am dyslectic.

Hope someone can help, I tried searching lots of forums but could not find an answer for my troubles :cry:

More than a year ago I had problems where my computer froze with not apparent reason (after 5 minutes or 30 minutes, no mater what I did), I fixed it with formating the hard drive, everything worked for about 6 months. After that period the freezing returned and after about 2 weeks I formated the computer again.
about 6-8 months have passed and the freezing of the computer returned, but it felt different. This time the freezing occurs (not every time) about 5 minuted after windows load up. I press the reset button and then I get a loop of short beeps (not every time) and that is why I thought it a problem with my power supply (I got a new one).
Every thing worked great for about a week until every thing returned.
Today if I turn on my computer the computer freezes, then it wont boot so I turn off the computer pull out the power cord, disconnect to 24 pin from the MB, wait 10 seconds, reconnect and power the computer in order for it to work. To add to that it takes about 25-30 seconds after I power the computer for the bios to make the one beep that every thing is ok.

A friend of mine gave me an old graphic card to see if that is the problem. The card is bad and overheats very fast, after 5 minutes of use I got burned trying to remove it so I cant use it to check for problems.
I ran FurMark to check the graphic card and it was ok
I ran CPUID HWMonitor and it was ok
I ran memtest and every thing was ok
I ran checkdsk and it was ok
I check the MB to see if there are leeks or bulges on the capacitor, did not find any.

my set up is:
MB - Gigabyte EP45t-UD3P
CPU - Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66GHz
Mem - 2*2 Gb (dual)
GPU - Palit gtx260 saphire
power - Antec 620w High current games
win 7

thanks in advance

p.s. - If this is not the correct category to post please let me know
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  1. hello,

    no one has any idea what can be the problem or what to try in order to find the cause of the problem?

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