Need sli/gaming config help please.

Hi all,

I'm pretty new with building and upgrading my gaming pc. I'm running 2 gts 250's in sli mode and I have an intel i7 cpu. Why are my games skipping frames and shutting down my pc? I'm in the process of upgrading my pc's ram, psu, hdd and adding a 3rd gts 250. I'm in need of advice on how to solve my loss of performance issue and how to set the perfect setting for my system.

My System(currently):

Os - 64-bit Vista Home Basic v6.0.6002 Service Pack 2

Mobo - Asus P6T

Cpu - Intel i7 920 @ 6.66ghz

Psu - kingwing atx 680watts

Hdd - Hitachi HDP725050GLA360 ATA Device

Dvd drive - Optiarc DVD RW AD-7200A SCSI CDROM DRIVE

Ram - (3x2048) Micron ddr3 pc3-10700(667 mhz)

Gpu's - 2x Evga GTS 250 1GB

Wireless - Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC
802.11n Wireless LAN Card

System after Upgrades:

Gpu - Kingwin LZG-1000 LAZER 1000w

HDD - Hitachi HDP725050GLA360 ATA Device
Barracuda 250gb st3250824as
Barracuda 500gb st3500413as
Seagate 250gb external drive

Ram - (4x4096) Corsair ddr3 pc-12800(1600mhz)

Gpu - 2x EVGA GTS 250 1GB(Sli)
1x Palit GTS 250 1GB(Physics)

Is my new setup any good, should I be doing anything else? Can't really afford any new hardware, can you help me with twaeking my setup and reach optimal performance? Also I was wondering if it would be worth it to sell my 3 gts 250's and get 3 gtx 470's, or can we get similar performence with the gts 250's? I thought the directx 11 support was interesting, should not be to excited about directx 11?


Justin C.
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  1. Just looking at the system it should handle most games

    What games do you play
    what settings do you use (AA / AF & Resolution.

    A 3rd GTS 250 may be a bit of a waste as scaling becomes an issue.
    A single 6970 would out perform the tri-sli quite easily and use less power.

    as a note. the 6970 would sit a little higher than the 5870 on that chart i linked.
    and if u x-fired it you would be off the chart
  3. 3x 470's would blow ur 3x 250's out of the water. as 2x 460's sit 6 from the top on that chart.

    even 1x 470 would give ur 3x 250's a run for their money.
  4. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the reply, I can't seem to find the 6970 on the chart hugo. What brand is it, ati or nvidia?
    I'm playing mostly rts and online fps. I'm looking for the most cost effective gpu solution, so which card is my best bet and in what config?
  5. the AMD / ATI 6970 is a newer generation that chart shows.,2660.html

    the above chart will show the 6970 but not your older 250.

    So compare the 250 to the 5870 in the first chart, then the 5870 to the 6970 in the second chart. (complicated i know)

    or just imagine that the 6970 will sit above the 5870 (3-5% above) in the first chart (easiest)
    and the 6870 would be just below the 5870 (3-5% under)

    Nvidia options would be GTX 480 or 570 (or there abouts)

    regardless of your choice (AMD or Nvidia) get what your budget allows.
    i do believe its time to retire the 250's.
  6. ok so you think nvidia gtx 470,480,570 or amd hd 5870,6970? can you list them from best to worst? still a lil confused.sry
  7. I'd go 6970, 570, 480, 5870, 470 in that order
  8. The main problem of a low end sli config is the micro-stuttering (google it). So even if your FPS is not 2 low, you will still lose some of it (about 20 to 35 %) since your eyes wont be seeing some frames, and others will stick 2 long.
  9. I'm more concerned about the 6.66GHz clock speed on the CPU. I'm thinking that you are overheating, which will cause the issues that you described. If you are OCing your CPU then dial it back to 4GHz or so. You don't need all that speed for the CPU anyway. Not to mention that the i7 successful OC record is 5.6GHz. If 6.66GHz isn't the speed you are running, please list the correct one.
  10. oops, i'm running at 2.66ghz. So is 1 570 better than sli sts 250 by alot or do i need 2? or should i use 1 570 + 1 250 for physics?
  11. I would still look at overheating being the cause of your issues because the symtoms still sound right. Run CPU-z, GPU-z, or Speedfan to check your system temperatures to make sure they are adequate. CPU shouldn't exceed 50c-60c on full load and video cards should be below should not exceed 70c on full load because that it where you will start to see issues with frame skipping and system shutdowns. If they are two high, clean your fans and if problem persists replace problematic video card or processor fan.

    Also, upgrading you ram from a 6GB tri-channel config doesn't seem worth cost to me. It's hard to use that much RAM as it is. If the video cards are causing the issues then take this time to upgrade them to the 570 since it should perform as good if not better then the 250 SLi configuration.
  12. Hey Unbreakable,

    Speedfan v4.4 says:


    Gpu-z says:

    fan speed=58%

    fan speed=35-45%

    Speedfan v4.44 says:

    Fan speed=2109rpm

    and I've already bout the 16gb ram and the 1000watt psu.
    with the gtx 570 will 1 out perform 2 gts 250's?
    Its very obvious my rig is getting way to hot, whats the best choice for the money for cooling?
  13. Yes 1x 570 will decently outperform your 2x 250's

    and later down the track you can always add another 570 and completly blow ur old rig out of the water.

    temps look a little on the high side.
    as long as your system is clean of dust, and you have a few 120mm fans you should be all good.
  14. Alright, my advice if already financially plausible is replace the SLi with the 570 which will both increase performance and reduce heat due to there being one less component. Also, give the fans on the system a good thorough cleaning with a compressor or canned air. Make sure the rear case fan is in place and spinning. If temperatures still appear to be high then check to see if they give you another place to add another fan. If so, 120mm are the best option. Just make sure air isn't coming into the computer faster than it's leaving because that creates convection and dust build up.
  15. I was considering getting a 580 if I can get the $, what you guys think? Also I found a fan I wanted to run, its a the ones I have now are cooler masters and run at 69cfm. Is this a good fan and what config should they in? my case is the also i hear you can control your fans with Speedfan, how do I do that and would it be safe to run them at full speed all the time?

    Do you think a new heatsink is needed to oc my i7 from 2.66ghz to 3.66?
    such as thermaltake maxorb or v1
    or coolermaster 212 plus
  16. you will need another heatsink if u want a decent overclock, as to which i dont know.
    I go straight to water cooling with my overclocked systems
  17. I just got my psu, ram and 3rd 250 installed. My system shows:

    Installed physical memory: 16gb
    Total physical memory: 8gb
    Available physical memory: 5.28gb
    Total virtual memory: 16.2gb
    Available virtual memory: 13.6gb
    Page file space: 8.29gb

    is this correct after installing 16gbs, should i change something?
    Also I installed vtune to control my fan speeds but i see oc options. Whats a safe oc for the gts 250?
  18. ....well i hope you got the 250 at an absolute steal because you have gone against all the reccomendations given in this forum.
  19. I already had 3 before i asked for help and i am try'n to sell on ebay as we speak in order to get a 580. I'm just using 250's until i get them sold. Whats your opinion on the ram situation?

    Also I'm in toss up between these heatsinks:

    Thermaltake maxorb

    Thermaltake v1

    Coolermaster hyper 212 plus

    Which do you recommend?
  20. Ah k, np

    As for RAM, what OS are you using? and where are you seeing those numbers?

    dont know about GTS250 overclocking sorry, neva had one.
  21. I'm running windows vista and I see 16gb ram installed in the my computer properties window and the other numbers from task manager.
  22. Remove some sticks and drop to 8 or 12 and not down the change in the numbers, id say if your seeing it in my computer properties you should be good to go tho.
  23. ok thanks and I think I'm going for the hyper 212 evo
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