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i want to know which is better for my dell xps midtower


im leaning towards the OCZ but ive read it has had problems with fitting in midtowers so idk what PSU to get that would be cheap 600w good brand that would fit well in my dell xps 7100 tower.. please help!
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  1. What are your specs?
    PSUs are a standard size. Don't worry about fitting in.
  2. people were saying the cords were a tight fit not the actual psu and which of the two i posted are better?
  3. I'd generally take Corsair over OCZ, to specifically answer your question.
  4. they both are pretty much the same .. both have issues with voltage regulators
    that posted by jsc is the best out of three
    also consider
    nzxt hale82, corsair tx v2 and pc power and cooling
  5. I was running a corsair cx600, with a 939-x2-4400+@2.7ghz/hd-4870's.
    It ran fine. Passed prime95/furmark tests.

    I bought a A6-3650/gigabyte combo on sale. Ocz Fata1ly 550 on sale too. The A6 is clocked to 3.5ghz/550mhz 320 shader app stream/open cl proccessor. Same hd-4870's.
    It passed the tests fine.

    The corsair has a single 40 amp 12volt rail, and the ocz has two 25 amp rails.

    The fan is a bit bigger and quieter on the ocz.
    120mm fan vs 135mm fan means the ocz is a bit larger than the corsair.
    The modular feature is useless on the ocz since they just all get plugged in anyway.
    It ends up being the exact same wiring and plugs as the non-modular corsair.

    Both tested to be enough for a overclocked cpu and crossfire hd-4870's.
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