3x 0.33Amp Fans off single Fan Header - GA-Z68XP-UD4


I just build a new HTPC

Silverstone Grandia GD07 HTPC Case
3x Silverstone 120mm / 1,200 rpm / 12 V / 0.33A 3 pin fans (Honghua HA1225L 12SA-Z)
GA-Z68XP-UD4 Mobo / 12gb ram / i3-2100 CPU w. Stock cooler
Powercolor HD4670 / HVR2200 tuner
4x WD Green HDD
Seasonic X-560 PSU

The motherboard has 4 fan headers, but only the CPU header + the SYS2 header have fan speed control, the others run at a constant 12 volts.

Using the 12V headers the case fans run ~ 1300rpm and are too noisy. The video & cpu fans are quiet.
If I use SYS2 the fan is sufficiently quiet for me in the range of 550-950 rpm

Would it be safe to run the 3 fans off the single SYS2 header using a 3 way split cable? (3 x 0.33A = 1 Amp, but maybe more on startup)

I'd prefer to run all 3 fans off the SYS2 header so I can set a slow speed in speedfan and have them only increase if the case gets too hot.
The other alternative is to use a Molex -> 7Volt adapter for 2 fans with the 3rd running on the SYS2 header or a speed controller for 2 with the 3rd one SYS2.
However I'd prefer to have the HTPC automatically control all the fans.

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  1. PS. Don't answer with buy a fan controller
  2. don't know if it is a good way to keep system efficiently cool .. fans lower than required speed probably have no effect on cooling your system.
  3. look at my system it runs very cool the cpu is 38C with only one case fan at 1000rpm
  4. maybe it because you are not running programs yet?
  5. w/e ; awful answers, thanks <3
  6. I have a Gigabyte MB (970A-DS3) and Tech Support told me each header can handle 2 amps. I have 2 fans on one and 2 on another and everything works just as you'd expect, bios works fan speeds to system temps, no problems whatsoever. Find out your particular board specs. I had to e-mail them because that particular information could not be found anywhere. To their credit, they responded quickly
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