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CPU idles at 50c, gets lower with higher load.

I just put a Athlon II x3 455 in a M3A770DE ASrock mobo.

Ive throughly cleaned the cpu 4 times and applied AS5 3 times and have gotten the same temps all 3 times.

The bios reports 45-50c, and core temp matches that so Ive been trying to use it.
Core temp has a min of 50c and a max of 30
Yes its backward, Im confused.

Ive not touched the voltage and its currently at 1.3750v

When I put the system under load, the temps actually go down...LoL/Pandora/Skype/reddit brings it down to 39c from 50.

What the ffffff is going on, I'm afraid the cpu is going to buuuurn.

Stock cooler, Arctic silver 5.
My mobo is sitting on a pizza box waiting for my new case to arrive.
ON, not IN the pizza box.
The fan is spinning at 3500, and ambient is around 65-70F (yay Fahrenheit)
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    I think arctic silver takes a few days to set in before performing at its max potential. Try a different software such as hw monitor!
  2. a few days?
    i shouldve just bought the ceramic .-.
    ty for your speedy reply sir.

    fraaaack, it says 22c.

    Which is accurate?

    core temp, speedfan, piriform speccy, CPUID, the bios.

    speccy and cpuid are giving me the same numbers.
    core temp and bios give me the same as well.
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