Switch GPU(integrated graphics) turbo ON or OFF

Hi all,

I have a intel chipset i7 core processor.
Can anyone tell me how to switch turbo on or off in the processor integrated graphics.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. There is no turbo for igp, at least i don't think there is. If there was it would be in your bios.
  2. on my P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 there is a gpu turbo in the AI suite for the igp--in the turbo evo section

    basically lets you overclock the igp

    probably only usefull if you dont have a dedicated graphics card

    can also do it in the bios

    assuming you mean the latest generation i7 as the earlier ones--like i7-920 etc didnt have igp
  3. all latest gen sandy bridge integrated gpus have turbo, even pentium.
    look for a turbo boost setting in processor graphics/ integrated graphics/graphics setting in your motherboard's bios/uefi. set it to disabled/off.
    i don't know why you need to turn of igp turbo boost off, it's not bad for the system. if you have a discreet gfx card or p67 motherboard, the igp is turned off. if you're using igp, turbo boost can actually enhance performance when there is a need.
  4. oh that turbo lol now i found it in the bios >_<
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