Increase physical memory of windows xp sp3 in registry

Hi all,
I have install two 2GB RAM in my win xp sp3 but it is showing me only 3 GB.
So how i can use full memory capacity of my computer.
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  1. If its Windows 32bit you wont be able to.
  2. As said above, you will need windows 64-bit in order to utilize more than 3GB of RAM.
  3. Technically a 32bit windows can utilize 4gb of ram, but you have to substract whatever is on the graphics card and other things from that (I'm not sure exactly what, but the graphic memory doesnt seem to account for it all?).
    You typically end up in the 2,5-3,3gb area from what i have seen.
    That being said, if you bought dual lane RAM its not a complete waste, since it will work better and have dual lane speed all the way to the limit. (if you had one 1gb + one 2gb sticks, you could only have dual lane untill 2 gb, if at all)
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