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Hi guys, I'm a student with a really low budget looking to upgrade my laptop. It's an old HP G56-126NR, got it as a little present after Black Friday.
It's gotten so horrible that I've decided to upgrade the CPU, from an AMD V140 to an AMD P650. Then I was thinking that I might as well upgrade the graphics card for this thing, and hang on to it for a longer time and save some bucks.

So the question is I wonder if upgrading the graphics card is even possible for this mother board? I'm not talking about space problems I can check it I'm just unsure about the mobo's compatibility with new hardware.

If anyone know anything I would be very grateful.

If this helps, the intended specs would be:

AMd V140 into AMD P650
2x1 gig 1033 RAM into 2x4 gig 1333 RAM
maybe a bigger HDD...I don't have a need for one so I might save on this one
HD 4250 into ????

Power shouldn't be an issue as the CPU's have the same TDP, the RAMs won't really use that much more juice and I have a fan handy.
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  1. Generally speaking, no, it's not possible to upgrade the video on laptops, the chip is soldered directly to the motherboard. A few higher end laptops will have an actual video card in them, but even then it's not as simple as simply swapping another one in like on a desktop. And while on the general subject, you'll want to do a little research and make sure that CPU will work with that specific motherboard, because with OEM computers there is quite often a very limited range of support for other CPUs.

    As a general rule, you should think of RAM and HDD being the only two components you can upgrade in a laptop.
  2. nope. nothing you can upgrade other than the ram and the hard drive.
  3. i've done some research and am pretty positive that the CPU's gonna work, thanks for the heads up anyways.
    some research i've personally done for "HD 4250" did gave me some info, but I just didn't know if its a small card or one integrated into the mobo itself, with a tricky name.
    i guess its not possible then,but when i open it up for CPU replacement, ill take a look and see.
    Thanks for the help guys, appreciate it.
  4. it wont happen either. sometimes they are soldered on. or you somehow have to find a OEM laptop chip that works on that specific laptop motherboard
  5. It worked guys :D
    no slots for any other upgrades as far as I can tell.

    But even though everything booted alright, CPU-Z wasn't able to determine the name for the P650. It just says "AMd processor model unknown."
    Every other information is correct, such as TDP, architecture, clock rate, cores, etc.

    Is this a problem? I'm kinda worried
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