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My Graphics Card Artifacts when i play Wow. Why


I was wondering if i could get some help on this topic.
First off i'm useing a Nvidia GeForce N450GST Graphics Card.

I run 2 monitors and have done so for the last 8 months.
As of this morning I logged in to play Wow (world or warcraft) the log in page loaded fine so did the charictor page (all 2d so far) then once i entered the world the screen artificated so hard that it crased after about 10seconds and the screen when black. I hit window's on my keyboard and my window's action bar at the bottem came up like normal (i'm playing in window full screan mode so i can still access my 2nd screen at any time) and i was able to close the program via right clicking and selecting close program.

After nearly freaking out because this card i bought when it first came out and i paid what i consider a lot for a GC i went and updtaed the driver to the lastest on as of today (cool new 3d capability feature as i found out this card can produce -anyway). After updateing the driver i logged wow again and same thing happeded. Craped itself when i endeted the world.

Furthermore i then tired playing StarCraft2 to see if it worked fine in 2d style games. And its completely fine no loss of FP's or anythign. all Web pages work fine also.

So i'm asking this, has my Card *** itself?
If so thats fine it's under warrenty and i can get it replaced but if its on my end i wouldn't mind knowing if there is anything else i can do.
Temp is fine - no dust - and fan is working.

Thanks in advance
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  1. There is no such thing as a GeForce N450GST. Did you mean the GeForce GTS 450?

    It sound like your video card went bad. Do you have another to test. If not then look for a game demo that you can download and see if something similar happens. If your video card can play that other game fine, then would mean WOW somehow became corrupted.
  2. RMA it!
  3. Check for latest graphic drivers and if you have had overclocked your graphic cards... tune it down a bit.
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    I agree with jaguarskx that you should test with some other 3D game (possibly a free demo, e.g. from Steam if you use that). For it to happen right away rather than after the card has had a chance to heat up makes me hopeful that it is a software issue rather than hardware. Also, as wintermint says, if you've overclocked the GPU, back it down to stock.
    What brand and model (not just wattage) of PSU do you have?
  5. Thanks for the replys guys.
    Well the GPU is all running stock standard. From the beginning i didn't think there was a need to overclock to run wow at ultra. As for my pc's brand i had it custom built (in store for the ease of warrenty issues) but its running a i7 950, on a P6X58D-E motherboard and 12G of ram.
    At this point i've untinstalled wow and i'm reinstalling it fresh hopeing to clear up the possible corrupted file mentioned above.

    I'll post again after the results of that.
  6. Good idea. I'll watch for an update.
  7. Hey Guys, I want to thank you all for your replys. After reading it could possible be s software coruption rather than my card, i totally removed wow from my pc, addon's inc just everything related. As it turns out after-reinstalling and downloading patches the game ran fine no issues what-so ever. Its been a week now and no signs of any atrifacts.

    Thanks again all much appricated.
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  9. Thanks, although I was basically expanding (very little) on what jaguarskx said.
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